Customized Skills Clinic

Marla is happy to conduct skills clinics for all levels when her schedule permits. In just one day, you can learn the necessary techniques for mountain biking from a world class pro. These fundamentals are built upon to give you the tools needed to have fun and excel in the sport.

These clinics can be arranged through this website, or the Luna Ambassador Program. Please include the date and location which your group has in mind. Generally a group numbering between 6-12 works best, but individual workshops are also available. Indicate whether your group will be all-women, coed, or kids. Also include what type of clinic you have in mind: beginner's basics, cross country racing tips, downhill techniques and jumping, etc.

Often a clinic can be coordinated with a NORBA event.

Here are some things you can learn:
  • confidence/overcoming fears
  • body position/balance
  • cornering techniques
  • climbing tips
  • braking
  • descending
  • jumping
  • dealing with obstacles
  • any individual skills you would like to work on (like how to turn pro, riding with no hands, whatever!)

Contact Marla right now, and start having more fun on your bike!